February in Pictures

February IG.jpg

I'm not sure I could remember what happened during the month of February were it not for this recap in pictures. I'm also sure that I reached my quota for the phrase, "I'd lose my head if it weren't attached" because it was the only apropos way to describe the frantic and wide-eyed terror that quietly possessed me most of the month. Not to say that this was a bad month. It was quite good. Perhaps this quote from Robert DeNiro, shared by my friend and respected writer, Amy Rogers will explain: 

"The mind of a writer can be a truly terrifying thing. Isolated, neurotic, caffeinated, addled, crippled by procrastination, and consumed by feelings of panic, self-loathing and soul-crushing inadequacy. And, that's on a  good day."

I feel you, DeNiro. I feel you. 

And, I can hear some of you now….letting out a sympathetic "awwww" for me.  But don't.

It really is all good. In spite of feeling like someone took to scrambling eggs inside my brain (a mental burden not unique to me, by the way), I enjoyed the beginnings of a new season in February.

Let's review. 

We sprouted seeds inside the house for the first time ever. The Mister constructed a bomb table and fluorescent light setup and I tended to the seed babies ever so vigilantly. It was a true joy until I got overzealous and transplanted them a smidge too early. Okay, weeks early. Live and learn, I guess. That's what March is for I suppose.  The Mister and I also planted onions outside in one of the boxes we found while dumpster diving and they heartily enjoyed the ten inches of snow that was the evil (and awesome) polar vortex.

The snow days were a welcome respite. I crafted with my girlfriends, baked cookies, watched movies, drank coffee and made the Mister these snow day short ribs topped with our homemade kimchi. 

February was ripe with events too. I attended another beautiful symposium by my friends in Rock Hill who continually inspire me and encourage my thinking. This time the topic was truth. As always, the subject matter was right on time. The symposium was my break from a particularly pressing deadline which proved to be exactly what I needed. Tommy Tomlinson gave an inspiring talk that came in handy when I needed to put that deadline to bed. I'm eagerly looking forward to April when that story, a tale of beauty and bottomless faith, publishes here

I also enjoyed a one night stand with the Cheshire Dinner Society and got to watch Chef Greg Collier of the Yolk Cafe get his creativity on.  Just so you know, dude is way more than breakfast.

The rest of the month inside the hamster wheel was broken up with a few opportunities to cook for others, one of my favorite things to do.  I roasted a chicken with fresh herbs and root vegetables for the parents of a brand new baby girl with the best hair I've seen since I came out of the womb looking like Liza Minelli.  I also cooked a massive batch of collards for a friend making an unexpected move. You know, now that I write it all out, February was ALLLRIGHT. I had wonderful moments of togetherness with friends, new experiences and ample rest.  Now, if someone will please notify the committee in my head to stop making all that racket.