Farmer's Market Saturdays


Most Saturday mornings, you can find me up early (bed head in full effect), large coffee in hand, sans makeup and wearing some sort of loose t-shirt/workout pant combo. A large burlap sack hangs across my shoulder and I'm on my way to my favorite Saturday morning ritual- the farmer's market. 

I started attending farmer's markets regularly when I moved to North Carolina a little over three years ago. Since then, I find it hard to shop anywhere else with the abundance and variety of produce and protein found here.  I began snapping photos of my farmer's market haul about two years ago as a way to begin a creative discipline, something that I did with consistency. All of these were taken with my iphone and posted to my Instagram account . You can follow these photos by searching the hashtag #todayshaul (although I think other people have used that tag as well) or by simply following me on Instagram @keiaishungry.

If you live in Charlotte, check out some of my favorite farmer's markets: Davidson Farmer's Market, Yorkmont Regional Farmer's Market and the Atherton Mill and Market

 Do you have a weekend ritual?