Auction for the Philippines


Shortly after the devastating typhoon ravaged the Philippines in early November, I received an email from a blogger friend, Diana Stewart of The Chic Life asking if I was interested in participating in an online auction and bake sale to help raise money for humanitarian aid.

Of course! What a wonderful idea. When a natural disaster of this magnitude hits all the way across the world, I often feel so small and helpless, as if there is nothing I can do to aid the victims. I often imagine myself jumping onto a plane and diving into the destruction to physically help repair what's been destroyed. I felt the same way during Hurricane Katrina or when I hear of suffering in third world countries.  

Thanks to Diana and her creative generosity, I could actually help in some small way. Diana devised an online auction, Auction for PH, where bloggers from all over Charlotte and beyond donated a baked good item for auction. Readers would bid on their favorite baked good items which translated to a monetary donation for the American Red Cross and World Food Programme to aid the Philippines. The winning bidder would do good by making a financial donation and receive something sweet on their doorstep from the long list of participating bloggers.

I donated a strawberry tart with vanilla bean creme and a traditional pumpkin pie. The tart, pictured above, was made for my buddy Mary , who shared her winnings with co-workers. The pumpkin pie found a home with a lovely woman named Sherry who was oh-so-kind and gracious after I delivered a less than photogenic pie to her. A new pie dough recipe flopped and shrunk on me. Drats!

That poor pumpkin pie, although tasty, was a rather disappointing aesthetic specimen. Thank you Sherry for not documenting the ugly pie publicly. 

Despite the imperfect pie, the auction was a success.  Diana raised over $3,000 for charity and worked her little Zumba-fied booty off to make it happen. Thank you for letting me be a part of such a wonderful cause and for reminding me that no matter how small our contributions, we can always lend a helping hand.

To see exactly how much money was raised and who participated, head on over to the Chic Life